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Jack Sparrow ring

For anyone who has ever lusted after a ring like the one Captain Jack Sparrow wears in Pirates of the Caribbean, here is your chance. I had one commissioned from Joseph Dean Creative Design/JoeBarb JewelryArt and it is absolutely perfect. It is made of sterling silver with a green glass stone, but they can customize it with other metals or colors if you like the design but want to add your own personal flare. If you do pirate roleplay, reenactments, raids, or just really love Johnny Depp, you will love this. No Jack Sparrow costume is complete without it. The ring features a skull and cutlass crossbones like the Jack Rackham flag on four sides. Here are photos of my ring, under a cut:

If you would like to have one made for yourself, contact Joe & Barbara at or visit their website:

The Jack Sparrow ring is not up on their site yet, but if you contact them about it they can give you more info on pricing, which will vary according to what metal and stone you want. I am really excited about this, so I am crossposting it to all my pirate groups. Not an officially licensed Disney product. This was created for me by special request.
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