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arr me boots [13 Jul 2007|07:47am]

expecting a rainy fall? rainy now? wet on your boat?

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Pirateens [07 Jun 2007|09:55am]

Ahoy, me hearties, and me one-eyed raven concurs! I'm happy to introduce you to my brand-spankin' new series called PIRATEENS. Arrr, they're teenage pirates with killer 'tude... and a great sense o fashion to boot. Brave ye be, the first of the bunch can be found waitin' for ye HERE. Hoist the mizzens and haul yer savvy selves on over!

- Paulina
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The Pirate Dress [06 Apr 2007|08:39am]

May I present the finished gown, x-posted just a bit:

Close-up of pirate dress
Click to enlarge

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Etsy Store Info X-Posted [27 Feb 2007|10:44pm]

Hey everyone, I just updated my etsy store Pixiefashions with tons of new jewelry, hair accessories, baby stuff and other goodies. Includes pirate t-shirt and bibs. Go check it out at
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Look at me Booty! [03 Nov 2006|06:50am]

[ mood | creative ]

Ahoy, mateys!

While I've been stuck in port, waitin' for repairs on me ship, I've been designin' these here little treasures for yer entertainment. Take a look, if you so please... me Jolly Roger was drawn by artist Chris Ford, an' he did a mighty fine job of it too! (No plunderin' of the image, please!!)

Me fine shirts say things like:
"I'm a pirate. Want me booty?"
"So many pirates, so little time."
"Pirates get ALL the booty!"
"I <3 Pirates"
"Looking for pirate booty."
- and the ever-popular -
"Who needs RUM when you've got JACK?"

Ye can see all me items at the Pirate Booty section of BelleMarie's Boo-doir. Send me a missive an' let me know if you like 'em. (Or purchase some, so I can fix me ship!)

(I be hopin' that it is all right to post this here... if not, feel free to delete, and accept me apologies... xposted to all the pirate communities listed on me profile, with more apologies...)

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New Pirate Novel Available [09 Oct 2006|09:20pm]

My pirate novel, The Legend of La Tormenta is available now for pre-order direct from the publisher. You can save 25% if you order direct for them - or I will post links to amazon and b&n when they become available. It may take as long as a month. If you absolutely can't wait, it is available as an e-book download now!

Please pass this info on to anyone you know who would enjoy a swashbuckling story, and be sure to pick up a copy for yourself! You can also order my vampire novels from the publisher as well.

Featured on the front of the Archebooks website right now: Click Here

Click on the book cover for more info, or go directly to the novel info pages: Click here
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Swedish pirates! [17 Sep 2006|12:05am]

Arrrh! Yes matey, this lass had herself a beard for a day, and she took pictures.

We aint no scurvy landlubbers. We are gay. The old way.
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[08 Aug 2006|08:19pm]

you are a pirate
kinda creepy, reminds me of the garbage pail kids.
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Distilled Piracy [16 Sep 2005|01:30am]

Two letters, a finger and a map( any old bit of paper / report at work / monitor will do ).
Thats all you need.

Look all mean and say 'R'*
Then point at the map looking even meaner and squint and say 'C'**

Well done you looked and sounded like a PIRATE.

Try it in the middle of a meeting with your boss, when explaining something to them.

* Best to roll this one, Rrrrr. [Arrrrr]
** Draw this one out Cccccccccccc [Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee}
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Pirate themed jewelry! [15 Sep 2005|01:08pm]

Hey! I'm Kim Mouse from Devil and Mouse and I make 100% handcrafted and handpainted Evil coffin shaped jewelry and accessories. I've recently included a few pirate themed items at my online catalogue. Thought you may be interested:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ahoy! bracelet

Like it? Go to our catalogue for more info.
But wait, there's more. Also new are the Jolly Roger necklace and Pirate beaded bracelets.
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Ebay [28 Jul 2005|11:37am]

I am selling a lot of my old fandom stuff and jewelry on ebay, including a POTC talking plaque. Please check it out! Thanks!

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Booty matey! [18 Jul 2005|02:31pm]

Pirate Photo contest involving pirate card game Plunder...

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Jack Sparrow ring [13 Jul 2005|12:18pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

For anyone who has ever lusted after a ring like the one Captain Jack Sparrow wears in Pirates of the Caribbean, here is your chance. I had one commissioned from Joseph Dean Creative Design/JoeBarb JewelryArt and it is absolutely perfect. It is made of sterling silver with a green glass stone, but they can customize it with other metals or colors if you like the design but want to add your own personal flare. If you do pirate roleplay, reenactments, raids, or just really love Johnny Depp, you will love this. No Jack Sparrow costume is complete without it. The ring features a skull and cutlass crossbones like the Jack Rackham flag on four sides. Here are photos of my ring, under a cut:

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If you would like to have one made for yourself, contact Joe & Barbara at DEAN2000@peoplepc.com or visit their website: http://pages.zdnet.com/joebarb/

The Jack Sparrow ring is not up on their site yet, but if you contact them about it they can give you more info on pricing, which will vary according to what metal and stone you want. I am really excited about this, so I am crossposting it to all my pirate groups. Not an officially licensed Disney product. This was created for me by special request.

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POTC Fan Trip [20 Jun 2005|02:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I just got back from the POTC Fan Trip to the Bahamas & Jamaica. If you are interested in reading about it:


Warning, it is insanely image heavy and will probably kill your dial-up. Crossposted.

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Two Quick Questions [14 Jun 2005|01:33am]

Anyone know how to tie the Captain Jack Sparrow bandana?

And where can I buy a Jolly Roger flag quick (the one without the red bandana or glowing eyes, and crossed bones instead of swords)?

I'm going to the Cornerstone Festival in a few weeks and thought the bandana would be perfect to keep my ever-growing-but-not-long-enough-to-tie-back hair out of my face, and the flag would be perfect for hoisting over the tent so we could find it.

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arr [08 Jun 2005|03:12am]

pirates vs world of warcraft


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POTC disc2 [20 May 2005|04:43pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Anyone ever try the Moonlight Becomes You studio on the POTC disc 2?


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My new wanted poster [16 May 2005|10:18am]

My shipmate Black Skot drew me a new wanted poster - I'm doing the Barbossa apple thing but you can even see my Evenstar necklace, heh. Not a bad likeness.

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[12 May 2005|03:58pm]

pirates mmorpg
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Barbossa Themed Jewelry [02 May 2005|07:12pm]

One of my pirate friends, Diosa de la Cancion, has created Captain Barbossa themed pirate jewelry based on a design I made for her. I've seen this in person and it is gorgeous! Now you can have your very own set. Check out this link, and if you do decide to order, make sure to tell her that Oryginal Cinn sent you!


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